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Karla Chapman (Browning)
Married 3
Darnell & I have been married for 37 years. We still live in Big B.R. but we did live in LaPlace, LA for 7 years in order for him to start his career with State Farm Insurance. Now he is on Jones Creek Rd which is 3 min. from our home. We  have 3 children--Danielle(36), Brad (33) married to Ashley & Summer (32) married to Keith with our only granddaughter (right now of course) SKYLAR. She's the love of our lives. Never thought I'd be going thru this again--babysitting, bringing her to Dr., driving carpool to moms day out & swimming-- but it  is truly a joy.  She has us both wrapped around her finger.  Both our daughters live within 5 mins of us & our son lives in Port Allen. We love spending time with our kids between our camp, vacations, & just partying. We've been to Hawaii, snow skiing, a cruise & a destination wedding to Jamaica (Summer's) We all enjoyed the honeymoon!
It's hard to believe our high school years are 40 yrs behind us. We've seen our kids graduations, marriages, & grandchildrens births. It doesn't seem possible that 40 years has gone by. Darnell & I enjoy the annual Pastime meetings. Also special thanks for all the planning for the reunion
Brenda Wilson (Bryan)
Bookkeeper/Office Manager Married

WOW!  40 years.  I have been married to Ron for 28 years. He is a VP with a local Bank, and I work for a luxury home builder as the Office Manager/Bookkeeper. We have 3 grandchildren via his daughter "before Brenda".  We planned to retire to Panama City Beach, but were fortunate enough to work it out before we got THAT old.  We have lived here for 18 years.  Our annual vacation for the last 6 years is going down to St. Maarten for a week in the winter. 
Bob Buell
Consultant 3
I retired from Exxon, and currently am a refinery consultant for EcoScience.  I have 3 children and 2 grandchildren.  I enjoy fishing and working outdoors. 
My most vivid memory of high school is 'skipping-out' for lunch until I got busted!!
Vic Calvaruso
Maintenance Planner Married 2
And 2 grandchildren
Marty Caruso
Nalco Company Married 3
I also have 4 grandchildren...married to Debbie.  I love to hunt and fish
Bob Causey
Building, remodeling Married 3
Hobbies: Rugby coach at LSU Adventure: Playing rugby for USA in the World Cup 1987. Fondest memory:  I seem to remember that life was easy and we had a lot of fun.  I'm sure to have forgotten some things like August football....two a day!
Sherry Catha (Cavin)
Retired Educator Married 3
     Retirement is great!  I worked for 28 years in the East Baton Rouge Parish School then moved to Zachary Schools when they opened in 2003.  I retired in 2008.  Most of my years were spent working in Special Education Programs.  For the last 12 years of my career I worked as an Instructional Specialist of one sort or another.  Instructional Specialist means you have to tell other people what to do, but they don't have to listen to you because you have no authority what-so-ever!  Also, there is no real increase in pay.
     I have been married for almost 35 years to my husband "Cruiser".  I have a step-daughter, Cindy, who is 43-years-old and two grandchildren, Coy 22, and Crista 15.  Cindy is married to Brett, so I have a 50-year-old son-in-law.  I have two boys with Cruiser, Jon 31, and Ben 28.  Jon has the most wonderful little girl in the whole world, Blaire. 
     Jon is a mechanical engineer and lives with his wife, Nichole, and the wonderful Blaire, in Ohio.  Hopefully they will be relocated below the Mason Dixon line in the next couple of years.  Ben is a bank manager.  I won't say which bank since he may be swithing jobs soon.
     Cruiser and I live in no-mans-land between Zachary and Slaughter.  Cruiser loves to garden, so by default I love to can and put up fruits and vegetables.  My hubby also loves to hunt, so I've become very good at cutting up deer and other wild game.  I can really cook up a great deer roast.
     If you would like to chat, you can reach me at
I hope Mrs. Evelyn Alford doesn't read this and mark it up with a red pencil!!
Wendy Domengeaux (Coe)
Retired Georgia Pacific Married 3
Retirement is fantastic.  Enjoying my life with my awesome husband, Bill, (from Alabama) We do everything together.

Live on Table Rock Lake in the Ozark Mountains Missouri (it's beautiful here) with our 2 Bichon Jax and Jeb.

Passion are: Fishing/Catching both Fresh and Salt Water. Traveling in our 5th Wheel, meeting people from all over the USA. Bird watching and identifying the Bird Migration through these Ozark Mountains is really something to witness. Several species of Bird nest here on our 4 acres.

We have 6 children and 6 grandchildren living from Texas, Louisiana and Alabama.

God has truly blessed us, and we are grateful and thankful every day. Staying healthy and happy.
Louis Coker
December 17, 1952 Retired Committed Relationship
Violet Lacoste (Coleman)
Spouse: Gerald Coleman
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