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Mike Cotten
January 22, 1953 Retired Married 3
Married Stephanie Patterson, Broadmoor HS in 1973. Moved to Valrico, FL in 1989 where we raised our two sons and a daughter. Blessed with 4 grand children ages 6, 5, and the twins are 2 1/2. Retired March 2020 from ConEdison where I was the Manager of Renewable Energy Services. 

We downsized in 2019 to a smaller home in a private 17 home neighborhood. We absolutely love it! 
Carla Ulbright (Cowart)
March 24, 1953 Account Executive-iHeart Radio Married 2
Deborah Singletary (Craft)
August 08, 1953 Inspirational Author Widowed 3
My first attempt at making comments disappeared, so I probably said too much. So here it is...short and sweet. Loved school. Missed it when it was over but glad I kept in touch with a few classmates. Scott and I were blessed with 3 kids and 5 grandkids. Love them all. I retired after 30 years working for a trucking company and have been writing fiction, and now non fiction, and published for last 14 years. Looking forward to the reunion. Thanks guys who planned this whole thing. Going to try to make the Pastime gathering as well. Time has passed and it's time to get together again!! 
Clifton Cutrer
Appliance Distributors BR - LLC Married 2
Most interesting: Getting married and having it last over 30 years!  Fondest memory of IHS:  Getting out!!!
Curt Daigle
Site Maintenance Material Coordinator Married 2
 I was drafted in 1972 but chose Navy instead. Went to 24 countries by the time I was 23. Some friendly, some not. Met and married my wife in California. We have been married 34 years. We returned to Baton Rouge to buy a house and raise a family. We have a new grandson and there is nothing better. I have worked in the Petrochemical Industry since about 1978. Hope to retire soon. 
Profile picture
August 02, 1953 Retired Married 1
We sold our Atlanta home in 2019 and relocated to our place on Lake Allatoona in Woodstock, Ga. Heaven on earth.
Lynn White (Dawson)
Married 2
I have been married to Robert for 39 yrs. May 20.  We have 2 kids Aaron 33 and Meagan 30.  We have 8 grandkids from ages 10 to 14 mos.  I have worked for The Advocate for 16 yrs. as a manager in Alterate Delivery.  This will be the first reunion that I have attended.  I'm really looking forward to seeing old friends and touching bases with people with whom I have lost contact.  I will be the old lady with the gray hair since I do not dye my hair.  SEE YOU ALL  JULY 30.
Jan Diamond
Speech, Language & Hearing Pathologist Single 2
My internet service has been cut off for 7 days. Just getting these messages. Hello to everyone. I am re-marrying my first husband. Is that weird???  Jan
clyde dubois
Business Owner Married 4
8 grandchildren...I like boating, golf, and travelling.  I have accomplished enough in business that it allows me to play golf or do whatever I want every day.

My fondest memory is when I realized I had ZERO responisibility then!
Pete Easterly
Nurse Anesthetist Married 3
In addition to 3 childen, I have 3 grandchildren.  I enjoy golf, and medical mission work.  My most vivid memory of high school is being suspended for 3 days by "Coon" Porter, 6 weeks before graduation for riding around before school drinking "rot gut" wine with Tommy Young and Joe Clanton!
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