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Paulette Faul
Registered nurse Single 3
This spring while standing in line for a ticket to by a beer at Live After Five a woman came up to me and excitedly said "you are a lost Indian"! I said something like "excuse me, do I know you" and she said again, you are a lost Indian. That is when I recognized Belle Borskey and she explained that I was a lost Istrouma Indian. For a minunt there I thought one of us was lost or crazy!

The class of 71 may have lost track of me, but I am still here in Baton Rouge. I am single with three grown sons and my first grandson on the way.  I work in healthcare in Nursing Administration at a local hospital. My entire career has been in healthcare working locally.

Three years ago I built a house in the Mid City area. I have always loved north Baton Rouge and love the old Baton Rouge feel of the area.

Besides working I love bike riding, which I do as often as weather permits. That would not be motorcycle bike riding! I work-out, do yoga, read and have as much enjoyment in life that I can find with family and firends.
Jan Couvillion (Fielder)
retired Married 1
I've been married for 28 yrs. to Rodney, and live in Port Gibson, MS where he is employed as a Nuclear Chemist at the Grand Gulf Nuclear Plant. I have worked as bookeeper for our small town's doctor and attorney, now loving retirement. Had a Gourmet Basket Company with a friend, with all the pickles, salsas, jellies, jams I make from the large garden we grow.  My son, Jay Comeaux lives in Geismer, La and is an operator for Chevron, offshore. Jay and my wonderful daughter-in-law Madeline, have given me 2 GREAT grandchildren who are the loves of my life, Jordan 11 & Jude 9...We love to travel...Our Alaska Cruise has been our favorite. LIFE HAS BEEN VERY GOOD TO ME!!! I have been Blessed, Looking forward to seeing everyone and Thanks for all the work the reunion committee has done to put this together!!!
Ronnie Francis
Claims Manager, LA Commerce & Trade Assoc. Married 2
Have been married for 25 years to my wife Merle (DSHS). We have two beautiful daughters and one 15 month old grandson. I worked a while in law enforcement (EBRSO) in the criminal division and have been in the insurance claims business for over 25 years. Really enjoy my golf and working outside. I have also been officiating high school football for 20 years. Thankfully that keeps me halfway in shape.
Belle Belle Gascon (Gascon)
Retired Married 2
 Graduation from IHS opened up a whole new and wonderful world to explore! I started out at LSU, majoring in Elementary Education and after two years, quickly learned that you had to actually attend classes, not just the fun athletic events, before you can earn a degree!!! So, I decided to get a "real job"! Actually, my first "real job" was as a reclassification clerk at the LSU Library; then, I worked at the Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge. I met my first husband, Greg Kleinpeter, the father of my two wonderful children while working there. After the birth of my first child, a daughter, Shawn Theresa, I became a stay-at-home mom and had a son, Ryan Gregory, three years later. I LOVED my children's youth; it was a most amazing time in my life, and I truly believe that my children are my "link to sanity", as crazy as that may sound!!! Greg and I were married for 17 years and founded two companies, Kleinpeter Photography and Total Photographics, Inc. These companies and raising my children kept me very busy, until one day, I found myself as a single mom! I worked at Our Lady of the Lake Hospital in Administration for 11 years! I met my current husband, Tommy, through a mutual friend, and we have been married for nine years. I retired from St. James Place Retirement Community after working there for 8 years, and the only reason I left that WONDERFUL job was to become a "stay-at-home Grandma" to my daughter's children! I hope you will allow me to "brag" a bit on my children: Shawn is a Forensic Scientist with the Louisiana State Police, working in the Crime Lab; she has a son, Eric James (3 years) and a daughter, Abbey Belle (10 months). My son, Ryan is in the Marine Corps having served deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan and most recently, Japan! He has a daughter, Karsyn Shaye (4 1/2) and a son, Kohen Dallas Ryan (3 1/2); Ryan is stationed in Indian Head, Maryland on a Naval Base there. I never knew that being a Grandmother could be such an amazing experience!

One vivid memory from high school is having to dissect a frog, right there IN Mr. Lewis' Biology class; I couldn't believe that we had to actually do THAT!!!!

My fondest memories of high school are attending all of the football games at Memorial Stadium; the Basketball games in our gym as well as at the opposing team's gyms, all of the wonderful Pep Rallies and just forging all of the great friendships which are still so precious to me to this day!  

L. Mark Gordon
July 19, 1953 Retired Married 3
After high school, I attended LSU for 2 yrs. I started working for the Louisiana Department of Labor (later known as Louisiana Workforce Commission) in 1976 & retired from there in 2016 after 40 years. I didn't get married until I was almost 31. My wife Laura is a gal from the "Show Me" state of Missouri. We just celebrated 37 yrs together. We have 3 children, Lauren, Landon, and Logan. Lauren has supplied us with all 5 of our grandchildren, 1 boy & 4 girls.  My dad passed away on his 93rd birthday in 2016 & wanted us to have his home place. So, in June of 2016, we moved to the big metropolis of Satsuma Louisiana on 10 acres with a pond, a big red barn, a log cabin and a small work shed. So, this cityslicker has been learning a lot about rural life & has a lot to learn. My biggest passion is cooking, although I'm not a great cook. We also enjoy gardening, traveling & spoiling our grandchildren. Our youngest son just got married in May of this year, so who knows. There may be an addition or two to the brood in the future. 
Mike Gravois
Married to wife, Stephanie
Greg Guice
Red-D-Arc Inc Married 2
I have 2 children, and 5 grandchildren.  In addition to work, I like to hunt and fish.  My favorite memory of High School is GRADUATION!!!
Mary Ann Garidel (Hammons)
Co-Owner Landscape Services, L.L.C. Married 4
Right out of high school I married the wrong man but had 2 beautiful children. Met Mark 5 years later and married. I had taken some accounting classes and worked at LSU until I had my 4th child and quit working full time.  Mark is a Horticulturist and we opened Landscape Services, LLC in 1998 along with our oldest son Brandon and own a wholesale nursery.  We have 2 beautiful grandchildren. Life is good!
Katie Locke (Harris)
Banking Divorced 2
Olivia Caston (Haydel)
Thanks Larry to you and committee for all of your work putting this reunion together.  Looking forward to seeing you all!
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