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Sandy Wartelle (Morrison)
Office & AR Manager - JM Test Systems Married 2
Married to Cliff Morrison (IHS class 70) and we will celebrate 40 yrs this December.  Hard to believe especially since we have worked together for the last 20 yrs !  Our son, Brad, is our inside sales mgr and he has given us two beautiful grandchildren, Gavin (6) and Ella Claire (1).  Our adopted daughter, Shawn, works in HR for Triad Electric and is the mother of our other granddaughter, Taylor (11).  Being a grandparent has been wonderful, I love being Maw Maw.  I have a lot of fond memories of high school which include a lot of my still good friends! 
mike myers
Operations ExxonMobil Married 4
Thanks to the Committee for putting all of this together. Looking forward to seeing all of you again. I have been married to Brenda a little over 31 years. Have 4 sons and 4 Grandkids.
mike myers
Exxon Married 4
Hobbies: Golf, Grandkids (4) Adventures: Worked for a short time in Belgium.  Most vivid memory was sneaking back into school after skipping for lunch with David Bergeron and Mark Gautreaux and the teacher only recognized Mark, not David and me!
Clara Mulina (Olinde)
January 12, 1953 Manager, WBR Parish Community Centers Married 2

After graduation, I attended Northwestern University to get a degree in business education while enjoy dancing as a demonette.  I got homesick and gave it up to return home and marry my first love, Ray, and will be married 50 years in October.  We are blessed with two children, Ashley (47) and Ryan (43), and three grandchildren, Dionne  (20), Peyton (18), and Preston (2 1/2).

I worked for the State Dept. of Education for 28 years and transferred to the State Dept. of Hospitals and retired after 36 total years with the state.  I guess some will say I'm a workaholic beccause I wasn't done yet.  I retired on a Wednesday and went to work with West Baton Rouge Parish Parks & Recreation on the following Monday, where I continue to work after 12 !/2 years.  I really enjoy being the mananger of the community centers, especially getting to remodel and update them.

When we aren't spending our weekends in ball parks watching our children and grandchildren play softball, we enjoy family outings on LSU game nights, going fishing, hunting. and having official family game nights at home since COVID.

I really enjoyed my highschool years at Istrouma; especially being a pepsterette!  GOD HAS TRULY BLESSED ME.
Christine Rabalais (Rousseau)
Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the Graduate School Married 4
Hi everyone

I really look forward to seeing everyone and catching up.  I married my high school sweetheart and best friend; Randy Rousseau (class of '70) in 1976.  We moved to Starkville, MS, where Randy received his Ph.D. from Mississippi State University in Forestry/Genetics.  Once he graduated we moved to Paducah, KY where he started working for Westvaco Corp. We stayed quite busy raising our boys.  We are blessed with 4 wonderful sons, precious daughter-in-laws, 2 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. We just celebrated our 35 wedding anniversary with the family in Destin.  We spent 27 years in Paducah, Kentucky until  the research part of the company Randy worked for closed 5 years ago.  We now live in Starkville, MS and are both employed by Mississippi State.  He is a faculty member in the School of Forestry and I work for the Office of the Graduate School as Assistant to the Dean.   Funny how things work out, we are right back where we started 35 years ago!  We will see everyone soon.  
Allen Roussel
Veterinarian/Prof. Married 6
I'm really disappointed that I'm not going to be able to make it to the reunion. I'll be on my way back from Europe as you enjoy each other's company. My day job right now is Acting Department Head of Large Animal Clinical Sciences at The College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University. I imagine few of you would have guessed that I would end up being a cow doctor. My favorite pastime is going to France whether it be for veterinary activities, vacation and visiting, or guiding small group tours which is a 2nd job I do in my spare time. Maybe I'll get to the pastime next June.
Nancye Chaney (Roussel)
college professor Single 3
I spent my 20s having children and working a number of different jobs, my 30s going back to school for a PhD in speech and hearing disorders  from LSU and began working about 20 years after all of you so retirement is still WAY off in my future.  I've been living and teaching in Lafayette at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette (old USL) for the past 20 years.  My boys, 34, 32 and 30 are roamers and have lived in many places from Miami to Hawaii but still call Lafayette home.  Currently 2 are living right back here in Louisiana working in the movie industry in New Orleans and 1 is studying physical therapy in Texas.  I am now the head of the Department of Communicative Disorders and over the years have sent hundreds of new speech, language pathologists out into the schools and hospitals.  I still love my job and have had the opportunity to travel giving workshops and lectures.  My most exotic destination so far has been Istanbul, Turkey.  In my spare time I like to read, travel around with my sister visiting lighthouses along the great lakes and babysit my son's various dogs.  I also volunteer at my church, St. John Cathedral and enjoy meeting and talking to people from all over the world who visit the Cathedral Museum.  If you are in Lafayette on a Friday morning, come by to see me.
Randy Russell
Retired from Exxon (27 yrs) Married 5
In addition to 5 children I have 5 grandchildren.  I enjoy hunting, fishing, motorcyce riding.  My biggest adventure since high school was taking a motorcycle trip to Montana for 26 days.  My fondest memory of high school is PLAYING FOOTBALL!
Terry Salter
NREMT-Paramedic Married 2

Married to my wife, Teresa, for 33 years, 2 grown sons, have 1 beautiful granddaughter, 3  and 1 great step grandson, 6.  I am a Paramedic with Acadian Ambulance, 21 years, Ass't Chief, Medical and Firefighter/Pump Operator, with Erwinville Volunteer Fire Dept for 23 years, with my Wife, a Lt./instructor/paramedic, along with my 2 sons Nicholas and Jeffrey, firefighter/1st resonder.  We are also La. State Fire Honor Guards.  I have been a WBR Parish Deputy Sheriff Reserve for 10 years.  My most expensive hobby is my professional DJ, with real expensive equipment, which my family help with when I have to put up equip and many lights for that new and disco night of fun ( I DJ"d my wedding 33 yrs. ago with special recorded music on 8 track tapes).  Having our grandchildren over regularly is a joy.  Will be fun to see ya'll at the 40 yr. reunion.

Kenny Shelton
Law Enforcement Married 2

I am married to my wonderfull wife "T", and we have two grown children, a boy and a girl, and five grandkids.
I was in the La. National Guard, worked at Angola Prison, worked with the EBR Sheriff's Office,  Denham Springs PD, and currently about to retire from the Baton Rouge PD.  I worked as a Detective, as a plain clothes Burglary and Narcotic's Investigator  for 18 years, and a Patrol Supervisor for the rest of my total  35 years in Law Enforcement.
My wife and I enjoy riding our Trike (a three wheel mc), dancing, and the grandkids, * not in any certain order*
I look forward to the yearly Pastime night in June & our next 10 yr. reunion.

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